Parking Near CBX

Searching for Parking Near CBX?

Choose our lot designed for truck drivers in San Diego, CA

Are you going to Tijuana and need a quick place to rest? Otay Master Truck Center is proud to offer parking near CBX. At only 3.7 miles from your destination, our parking lot offers competitive rates and plenty of space specifically for truck drivers.

If you need to find parking near CBX, visit our lot in San Diego, CA today.

You can expect affordable rates that won't throw you off course

Whether you're traveling locally or driving a long distance, you need adequate time to rest between stops. Our parking lot provides the space your need to recharge at a reasonable rate. Check out our prices below:

  • 15 minutes to 2 hours: $7.00
  • 2 hours to 3 hours: $9.00
  • 3 hours to 4 hours: $10.00
  • 4 hours to 24 hours: $12.00

You'll have the freedom to recuperate after a long drive at our parking lot.

Your search for parking near CBX is over. Come rest at our lot in San Diego, CA today.