Get to Know San Diego's Top Tire & Suspension Shop

Get to Know San Diego's Top Tire & Suspension Shop

Angel Lopez started working on tires in Otay back in 1996. Since then, hard work and dedication have earned him an excellent location for his business at Otay Truck Stop. As the father of four children, Angel has always been motivated to build a future for his family, and today, Otay Master Truck Center is the preferred tire shop for many truck and fleet owners in the San Diego area.

In addition to tires, we specialize in alignments and suspensions, working on everything from conventional trucks to school buses to dump trucks. Angel has invested in name brand alignment machines, such as Beeline and Hunter Engineering, to provide exact measurements and adjustments to factory specification. The quality of our work and equipment speaks for itself.

From the Owner, Angel Lopez

I lived in Tijuana until 1989. When I got my U.S citizenship, I decided to open up my business in the United States. At first, it was very hard to find clients, but with a lot of perseverance and an open field in Otay, I was given the opportunity to show what I've got. Since then, customers have been calling me back for tires and suspension work.

I have a certification in suspension and alignment for small cars, but I became interested in big trucks and chose to follow that path. I started repairing tires, then moved to balancing tires, and then started working in alignments. When I found out a lot of the trucks I was working on needed suspension work, I started learning about the replacement of suspension components. Now I have a well-established shop with four techs on the floor who can handle all types of suspension-related issues and repairs.

Meet Our Team at Otay Master Truck Center

Angel Lopez - President

Angel has been working with suspensions for more than 30 years and has been specializing in suspensions for more than 12 years. He was a pioneer in Otay mesa, servicing his clients since 1996! In growing his business, Angel's humility, dedication, and hard work have been the keys to his success and to his clients' loyalty. His shop now operates with two truck ramps, two computerized alignment machines, one balancing machine, and a lot of specialty tools used to work on suspensions (designed and created by him). Angel's goal is always to keep his customers on the road, reduce their downtime, and save them money on tires and gas.

Miguel Lopez - Shop Foreman / Manager

"Micky," Angel's oldest son, recently joined Angel's team to help make it go BIG! He has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, and has worked with HP (Hewlett Packard) in approving sales budgets. Micky's dream is it to have his own business, in addition to Otay Master Truck Center. He is a certified coach, and is motivated to help people and clients. He is also the shop's foreman and the alignment specialist, which is at the very heart of the shop. If you're around the shop, and you see a tall skinny guy with a hat, most likely it is him.

Luis Lopez - Manager

Luis recently finished school and received a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics, but his interest in the family business has led him to join his brother and father to make something big and significant out of Otay Master Truck Center. At the shop, Luis is now in charge of administration, finances, marketing, sales, and customer service. With the work he has done for his dad, Luis' trucking industry experience exceeds ten years, and he uses Angel's techniques to teach our techs methods not generally used in the industry, which also make our shop unique.

Elizabeth Dominguez - Service Writer

"Liz" has been loyal to Otay Master Truck Center for more than five years, and has been involved in the trucking industry for more than 15 years. She is well known for her customer service skills and kindness. She is also in charge of human resources, sales, and bookkeeping. When you call, Liz will most likely be the one answering the phone, and as an essential part of Otay Master Truck Center, she is happy to assist you at any time.